660g Skywhip tank


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Why Opt for 660g?

Experience a 14% increase in N2O with our groundbreaking upgrade from 580g to 660g. Each 660g tank equals 83 bulbs of 8g, providing enhanced efficiency and performance.

Fresh Production in 2023

Receive a complimentary new nozzle with mute cotton for every tank purchased.

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Features and Details

Each 660g Skywhip Cream Charger contains the highest culinary grade N2O gas, significantly reducing wastage compared to standard 8g chargers. Additionally, a pressure release nozzle is included in every order, allowing safe disposal of leftover gas.

How to Use a Pressure Regulator?

Follow these steps:

  1. Prepare a dispenser and cream, along with our cream chargers.
  2. Open the dispenser and add an appropriate amount of cream.
  3. Seal the dispenser and connect the regulator.
  4. Ensure the dispenser is properly sealed.
  5. Rotate the regulator clockwise for 5-10 seconds (refer to the pressure table for specifics).
  6. Rotate the regulator counterclockwise to close.
  7. Disconnect the regulator and shake the dispenser 20 times.
  8. Your delicious cream is ready!

How to Use a Pressure Release Nozzle?

The pressure release nozzle controls gas flow in and out of the cylinder. After using a 580G, 660G, or 3.3L N2O cylinder, use the nozzle to release remaining gas. Dispose of the cylinder in a marked recyclable cardboard box and place it in a recycling bin for proper disposal.

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