Terms and Conditions

Important Points:

  1. Order Cancellation:
    We reserve the right to cancel any order before delivery and refund the payment via the original method.
  2. Liability Limits:
    Our liability is limited to the purchased product’s price; we aren’t liable for consequential loss.
  3. External Factors:
    We’re not liable for product loss, damage, delays, or breaches caused by circumstances beyond our control.
  4. Terms Amendments:
    We may update these terms at any time by publishing the changes on our website.


  • You must be 18 years old to purchase baking supplies from our kitchen supply store.
  • Valid ID proving your age is required for purchase.
  • Products are sold for their intended purposes; misuse will result in sale refusal.
  • Proof of age may be requested upon delivery; refusal cancels the transaction without a delivery fee refund.


    • Operated by NangsMan(EL Enterprizes Pty. Ltd.), these Terms apply to orders placed through our Site.

Site Use:

  • Accept these Terms by placing an order, accessible only to individuals 18 years or older.
  • Prohibited actions include privacy breaches, offensive behavior, and site tampering.


  • Create an account to review order history, ensuring accuracy and confidentiality of provided personal details.


  • Placing an order is binding; we may reject orders or cancel them for various reasons.
  • Review order details before submission; we’ll confirm the order via text.
  • Some products may not be suitable for children under 18.
  • Orders are subject to availability; cancellations may occur due to various reasons.
  • You can cancel your order before delivery; late cancellations incur delivery charges.

Price and Payments:

  1. Payment Obligation:
    • Payment of the purchase price, along with any delivery fees, is mandatory for order completion. 
  2. Accepted Payment Methods:
    • Various payment methods are available and detailed on the website for convenience.
  3. Currency and Charges:
    • All prices and charges are in Australian dollars and inclusive of applicable taxes unless stated otherwise.
  4. Fraudulent Payments:
    • Any attempt to pay using fraudulent or unlawful means will result in order cancellation.
  5. Payment Processing:
    • We do not store credit card details and rely on secure third-party payment processors for all transactions.
  6. Promotional Discounts:
    • Periodic promotional discounts may be offered, accompanied by specific terms outlined on the website.
  7. Refunds and Payment Adjustments:
    • Refunds, if applicable, will be issued using the original payment method and in accordance with the refund policy.
  8. Compliance and Payment Integrity:
    • Customers using debit or credit cards warrant authorization for payment and agree to pay the stated amount in compliance with the Terms.

Delivery, Title, and Risk:

  1. Delivery Address:
    • Products are delivered to the address specified during the ordering process.
  2. Delivery Scope:
    • Deliveries are limited to designated areas as listed on the website. Customers outside these areas should contact us for alternative delivery options.
  3. Delivery Costs:
    • Additional delivery costs are applicable and outlined clearly on the website. Additional delivery fees applies for places other than Sydney.
  4. Delivery Timeframes:
    • Estimated delivery periods provided on the website are approximate and subject to change, as they are estimate and several factors such as number of pending orders, traffic, weather and availability of drivers are affecting the delivery times.
  5. Delivery Methods:
    • Various delivery methods are employed, and ID is required upon delivery.
  6. Ownership Title:
    • Title of the products remains with us until the complete payment is made.
  7. Risk Transition:
    • Once products are delivered to the specified address, the risk shifts to the customer. We are only liable till the delivery.
  8. Unavailability and Cancellations:
    • We reserve the right to cancel orders due to unavailability or unforeseen circumstances and will communicate promptly in such cases.
  9. Delivery Abandonment:
    • If a recipient or authorized person is unavailable during delivery, products may be left at the premises at our discretion.


We accept returns for specific reasons outlined on our Site.

Australian Consumer Law:

Australian Consumer Law rights are preserved; remedies may include refunds or replacements.


  • Our maximum liability is capped; we’re not liable for certain losses.
  • We’re not liable for events beyond our control or due to customer actions.

Intellectual Property:

  • Our Intellectual Property rights are protected; use is allowed for personal, non-commercial purposes.
  • Any unauthorized use or modification of Our Intellectual Property is prohibited.

Misuse of Goods:

  1. Conditions of Use:
    • Products purchased from our platform are intended for specific purposes in line with the manufacturer’s guidelines.
  2. Exclusion of Misuse:
    • We disclaim liability for any misuse of our products.
  3. Evidence of Misuse:
    • In the event of evident misuse, we reserve the right to refuse sales or impose restrictions on future transactions with the customer.
  4. Verification of Age:
    • Verification of age through valid photo ID might be requested before delivery. Refusal to present valid identification may result in transaction cancellation, and delivery fees will not be refunded.
  5. Protection against Misuse:
    • These measures aim to protect against any inappropriate or unlawful utilization of our goods and ensure responsible use by our customers.


  • Disputes resolution and notices procedures are outlined.
  • Feedback and complaints are welcomed and addressed promptly.
  • Assignment, entire agreement, and amendments to terms are detailed.
  • Governing law, jurisdiction, and third-party site disclaimer are highlighted.
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